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By Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery
May 03, 2021
Category: Coolsculpting

Discover for yourself the amazing benefits of our different body contouring treatment options.

Spring is here and we’re already getting to enjoy a few seasonally warm, sunny days. It also reminds us that summer is almost here. If you want to feel confident wearing your favorite summer apparel, swim trunks or bikinis, our Willowbrook, IL, dermatologists Dr. Jeffrey & Toula Berti offer a variety of body contouring options that could help you get ready for summer.


Target Fat!

One of the biggest benefits of the body contouring treatment options we offer our Willowbrook, IL, patients is that it can easily spot treat and reduce fat in areas where diet and exercise alone just aren’t cutting it. We know that some trouble areas like the stomach or love handles may not respond to your daily sweat sessions and a plant-based diet, but body contouring can help to get rid of fat in these stubborn areas to give you the ideal figure you deserve.


No Need to Change Your Routine

You have a routine that works for you. Maybe you love going to the gym four days a week. We understand how difficult it can be to disrupt your routine. That’s why many people decide against cosmetic surgery because they don’t want to have to wait weeks to drive comfortably, go back to their boxing class or just do the things they love to do. This is another reason to consider body contouring. Procedures like tissue augmentation and Coolsculpting offer safe, effective ways to reshape and contour your body without the downtime.


If you’re planning a vacation this summer and you want to feel confident in your skin, our Willowbrook, IL, dermatologists offer a variety of cosmetic dermatology treatment options to help you look and feel your best. To schedule a consultation with us, call Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery today at (630) 321-0303.