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By Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, Ltd.
October 10, 2016
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Brown spots, also called age or lentigenes, often have more to do with sun damage than age, although they do tend to occur after years sun spotsof exposure to the sun. Dr. Jeffrey Berti and Dr. Toula Romas Berti, your South Barrington and Willowbrook, IL dermatologists at Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, Ltd., share information about several dermatological treatments that will help you get rid of your 'spots'.

An exam with our office should be performed initially to diagnose that the 'spots' are not skin cancer.

Topical medications

Some people prefer to initiate their treatment with a topical medication.  Prescription-strength hydroquinone cream offers a gradual way to reduce the appearance of age spots. You'll need to use the bleaching cream for approximately 3 months to experience the full effects of the treatment. Hydroquinone cream is often combined with topical tretinoin, a form of vitamin A that improves the turnover of your skin cells.

Photofacial using lasers and intense pulse light

Lasers and IPL treatments offer a simple, relatively painless way to treat many cosmetic issues, ranging from lines and wrinkles to dark spots, with minimal down-time. The laser light can be precisely targeted, making it an ideal treatment for small spots. Both the Cutera laser or Intense pulse light (IPL) therapy can be used to treat brown spots. You may feel a little stinging during the procedure, but there is minimal redness and mild discoloration for the first day or two. Your brown spots will gradually begin to fade over the course of the next several days after treatment, revealing a brighter more youthful complexion-- one that is more uniform and less blotchy. these procedures also stimulate collagen and help skin to look tighter and smoother.   You may need between three to six treatments for optimal results.

Chemical peels

Chemical peels not only remove brown spots but may also get rid of blemishes, scars, and fine lines. During the treatment, your South Barrington and Willowbrook dermatologist typically applies a glycolic peel solution (varying strengths depending on the area of skin) to exfoliate the top layers of the skin, leaving skin smoother and clearer.  The glycolic peels do not have any peeling afterwards-- making it easy to have done mid-week or before events!   Over time your spots will look lighter and smoother. Several treatments may be needed to lighten dark spots, depending on the type of peel used. There are various types of peels with varying downtime for deeper peels. 

It's important to limit sun exposure directly after any of the above treatments, as your skin may be a little more sensitive to the sun.  Sunscreens are also recommended to keep your skin looking its very best!

Would you like to get rid of your brown spots? Call Dr. Jeffrey Berti and Dr. Toula Romas Berti, your South Barrington and Willowbrook, IL dermatologists at Dermatology & Dermatologic Surgery, Ltd., at (630) 321-0303 or (847) 304-0303 to schedule an appointment.  Check them out at